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Maintenance and Technical Assist

  • Eurocopter EC135 (PWC PW206)
  • Eurocopter EC135 (Turbomeca Arrius 2B)
  • MBB-BK117 A/B (Honeywell LTS 101)
  • MBB-BK117 C1 (Turbomeca Arriel 1)
  • MBB-BK117 C2 (Turbomeca Arriel 1)
  • MBB-BK117 D2 (Turbomeca Arriel 2)
  • MBB-BK117 D3 (Turbomeca Arriel 2)
  • MD Helicopters MD900 (PWC PW206/207)
  • Eurocopter SA330 (Turbomeca Turmo)
  • AS355 (RR Corp 250, Turbomeca Arrius 1)

Pre-Purchase Inspections

One of the most important things when buying a helicopter is the pre-purchase inspection. Helicopters are a costly investment, and their systems/components are complex. The pre-purchase inspection will save you money and protect you from expensive surprises afterwards.

The team of HELITECHNIC has more than 10 years of experience and is specialized in the light and medium helicopter range of AIRBUS. If you are going to buy a helicopter, you will want us at your side to avoid any surprises and unpleasant expenses.

Pre-/Post-Lease Inspections

In the case of a leased helicopter, it is important for the lessee to have a detailed pre-lease inspection to avoid disputes with the lessor when the aircraft is returned. Likewise for the owner, it is important to accurately determine the condition and status of the helicopter at the end of the lease contract. The team of HELITECHNIC will perform a post-lease inspection to check compliance with the lease return terms and conditions as set out in the lease agreement, simultaneously protecting your interests and ours.

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